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At Lester, we understand that your job as an association is to know your industry – and your members – best. But how do you effectively target your industry to convey that know-how with timely, relevant and dynamic communications?

Let us introduce ourselves. We are an innovative and forward-thinking B2B publishing company that operates on the mandate that your best interests are our best interests. We help associations connect with the people and organizations they need to reach.


  • Lester provides first-class print publications tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to propel the voice of each of our association partners as the leaders within their respective industries. Our publishing professionals work diligently to integrate an association’s branding, vision and mission throughout each edition published.

  • High-quality, spiral coil-bound print directories are one of the most valuable perks an association can offer to its members. Designed to include complete contact information for each member with easy-reference tabs separating levels of membership, members by region, association information etc., creating a definitive reference guide and business tool used by industry professionals.

  • Newsletters provide a wealth of information for members to keep abreast of their association’s initiatives and successes. Designed to provide “quick-reads” and updates, newsletters can be distributed on a higher level frequency basis and are a great way for an association to communicate with its members.

  • Calendars are an essential way to keep an association top-of-mind amongst its membership year-round. By providing each member with their very own annual calendar, they are reminded on a month-to-month basis of important industry-related dates such as conventions, conferences, seminars and events that are pertinent to the industry the association lobbies for and represents.

  • Lester can develop mobile applications for multiple purposes such as directories and buyers’ guides, conferences, event management, remote team communications, overall membership event attendance, and much more. Any professional association will enhance their communication initiatives with a well-developed mobile application.

  • Video is a powerful way to deliver your message. Our creative team can produce high quality videos that your association will be proud of. Conferences, trade-shows, interviews or promotional videos are often a great way to get your member's attention and get people talking.

  • Lester develops marketing materials for conventions and conferences, public and private events, membership brochures and product guides. Through our close partnerships with associations, we become very familiar with our clients’ industries and branding strategies. This allows our team to develop the proper printed materials to assist in the execution of a successful marketing plan.

  • Need someone to manage your trade show, promotional or corporate event? From planning and logistics to trade show booth sales, we can help. Our experienced staff have been involved in all aspects of event management, which have given many clients and show patrons an excellent overall experience.

  • Lester offers full-service social media management to help communicate your associations' message and build fans/followers. Our services include member-engaging content development, posting to various social media channels and metric analytics.

  • Want to connect industry buyers to sellers? An association can provide its membership with a printed and/or digital buyers’ guide categorizing products and services in an easy-to-use format. This creates incredible value for association members sourcing products and/ or services best suited for their business. Please click here to view a sample.

  • There has been a revolution in how media is received by tech-savvy professionals today, and with this, it is imperative associations are prepared to provide content through the use of the Internet and digital devices such as tablets and smartphones. Lester is equipped to provide an association’s membership with an online version of any print publication. Please click here to view a sample.

  • Lester can provide your association with a members-only electronic newsletter designed to provide “quick reads” and updates with easy links for access to additional information. The association can address industry issues in a more in-depth fashion and reach out to members on a more frequent basis. Please click here to view a sample.

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Case Studies

What we've achieved with our clients.



The Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA) is an organization of pile driving contractors that advocates the increased use of driven piles for deep foundation and earth retention systems.

In the year 2000, PDCA launched its flagship publication PileDriver, then titled to serve as a means of communicating issues and news with its membership of industry professionals, comprised of pile driving contractors, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers. Its inaugural 16-page issue proved to be a necessary voice for the industry. However, the cost to produce the magazine in-house on a quarterly basis was not financially sustainable, so the association needed to consider a more cost-effective solution to provide this key communication tool that had been missing from the market.


Through a referral, PDCA contacted Lester to discuss a straightforward business model in which Lester offered to edit, design, publish and distribute PileDriver. This model was well received by PDCA due to the fact that the cost to produce the magazine would be funded by advertisements sold by Lester, eliminating all expenses for the association. In addition, if advertising sales revenues hit specific targets and benchmarks, Lester would contribute a percentage back to the association, creating a non-dues revenue source for PDCA.

PDCA maintained the responsibility of providing sufficient editorial content for each issue, which kept the integrity of the publication’s editorial mandate. Coincidentally, at the same time PDCA entered into a publishing agreement with Lester, the association formed a Communications Committee composed of member volunteers with industry expertise who could provide the support necessary on topical issues affecting the driven pile community. Issue by issue, Lester took that valuable content and transformed it into what is now considered an industry-leading publication.


Since partnering in 2001, PileDriver has grown exponentially in page count and advertising revenue. The magazine now consistently releases each quarterly edition with more than 150 pages, with annual advertising revenues increasing by 600 per cent. With that level of advertising success, the non-dues revenue back to PDCA in the form of royalty contributions has made a significant impact in the association’s financial bottom line.

Lester’s philosophy that the quality and advertising success of each issue published must exceed the preceding edition has been the cornerstone to building a successful brand. Today, the magazine is highly recognized as a must-read publication that those involved in the deep foundation construction sector cannot wait to receive each quarter.

With the success of PileDriver, Lester proposed the idea of producing a high quality, spiral coil-bound membership directory and annual wall-hanging calendar for PDCA. Both distributed annually, the PDCA Membership Directory is the chosen networking tool for members and suppliers alike, while the calendar is used year-round to keep members informed of important dates that affect industry professionals. These new additions have created additional non-dues revenue streams for the association.


Due to the long-term, ongoing success in print media for PDCA, Lester is continuing to work on the growth for the association’s communication initiatives with the addition of an online version of PileDriver magazine and a monthly e-newsletter, which will be available on tablets and smartphone devices in addition to traditional access through email and web browser. This expansion of PDCA’s mandate through these distribution channels will continue to broaden the reach of the association’s message worldwide.

  • Much of our publication's success can certainly be attributed to the dedication, creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm of Lester’s editorial, advertising and art department staff.

    Janet Gellici, CAE
    Janet Gellici, CAE, Former CEO, American Coal Council
  • Thanks goes out to you … !
    Excellent work on this issue.
    Thanks for everything!!

    Jason Hayes, M.E.Des., ACC
    Jason Hayes, M.E.Des., American Coal Council
  • Lester Publications has proven to be an excellent partner in the development of our publication. The editorial content, sales, graphic layout, printing and distribution work closely to ensure that we can all be proud of the finished product.

    Van Hogan
    Van Hogan, Director of Development, Pile Driving Contractors Association
  • Much of the success PDCA has found in PileDriver magazine can be directly attributed to the dedication, creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm of Lester’s staff, and a seamless partnership with the PDCA.

    Steve Hall
    Steve Hall, Pile Driving Contractors Association
  • Tremendous issue delivered in perfect time for the conference.
    You outdid yourself and we are proud of you and your team.

    Angela Enright, GM, NRDC
    Angela Enright, GM, NRDC


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