Media Submissions

Editorial Use Terms & Conditions

LESTER COMMUNICATIONS INC. (herein referred to as Lester)

Editorial use is defined as any media used editorially in either print or digital formats as articles or supplemental to articles within a print or digital communication platform and not used for paid advertising purposes. Photos or images used editorially enhance the effectiveness of an article or document a newsworthy story or event or contribute additional knowledge or context to a given topic.

Submitting any media to Lester may involve submission directly to a Lester staff member or assigned freelance writer or to any of Lester’s association partners that then provide the media to Lester for publishing – submission of any media to any of the above mentioned parties are treated as one and the same under these terms and conditions.

By submitting media of any kind for editorial use in any of Lester’s publications, including but not limited to photos, videos, graphs, tables, charts, maps, illustrations or other, the sender agrees to the following terms and conditions.

  • The sender agrees that they are the creator or copyright owner or are able to act on behalf of the creator or copyright owner of the provided media and that as such they have the right to provide Lester with the media materials for publishing or where necessary have purchased the correct license for publishing in Lester’s publications. The sender agrees that Lester will not be held liable in any way for publishing materials provided to Lester by any person or company where the sender did not obtain the proper licensing or permissions for publishing ahead of sending materials to Lester.

  • The sender agrees that they will send the correct and appropriate credits to be published for any materials sent for editorial use in any of Lester’s publications. Lester will not be held liable in any way for publishing incorrect image or photo credits provided to Lester by the sender.

  • The sender agrees that Lester may use the media provided to promote the work for which the media was provided in general, both in print and digital formats.

  • The sender agrees that they have permission to submit photos or videos of any persons shown within those photos or videos or the permission of their parent or guardian and that Lester does not need to seek model releases for any recognizable persons in each photo or video.

  • The sender grants Lester the non-exclusive, assignable, sublicensable right and license to publish, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, transmit and use the sent media in any form, whole or in part, in conjunction, combination or compilation with other materials for the publications or media agreed upon by the sender and Lester.

  • The sender understands that Lester is authorized to convert provided materials to any physical or digital format and that this conversion might alter the format or graphic presentation of the media, and such alteration is allowed at Lester’s sole discretion.

  • The sender agrees that republication or use of any media sent to Lester is at Lester’s discretion, and that Lester is not obligated to republish or use the media in any way.

Updated: 05/18/2022